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Bookish week in review(8/10-14/10)

Bookish week in review(8/10-14/10)

This week has been the first I was back in placement since July, so that means 4a.m starts or night shifts (7-7.30)

As a result my reading has suffered , and my crafting as you battle the constant exhaustion of the change in hours, long days travelling and lots of new things to learn- not complaining, it is super interesting just that it takes a while to pick up the pace!

These are the books I managed to finish this week, I am taking part in approx.  1000 Instagram challenges but will blog about them next week.

Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick

This was a nice surprise in that I got this as Kindle Unlimited title and as an Audible customer could listen to the audiobook for free!

The reader is perfect, she manages to capture the voices of the teenage narrators as well as the creeping tension of the story.

This is part of the HeyLittleThrifter Halloween PointHorror/Goosebumps readalong, and this 1989 title is actually pretty compelling and scarier than I remember!

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Weekly Bookish Roundup-Netgalley, random selection,TBR jar

Weekly Bookish Roundup-Netgalley, random selection,TBR jar

Plucked from my Netgalley piles, I accidentally picked two books with similar topics. They each dealt with the topic in different ways that complement each other beautifully so I thought it might be nice, as well as posting about things I am interested in in the world of books, to write a weekly review as well.

Not sure how that will turn out, currently I am juggling the third and final year of nursing school with running a zoo (3 children, 2 cats, a dog and a husband…the jury’s out on who is the most work !)and keeping my handmade crafts business afloat, but it’s worth a try!

So for this week’s review I have Alice Clark-Platt’s ‘The Flower Girls’ (due out 24th January 2019) and Lesley Kara’s ‘The Rumour’ (due out on December 27th 2018).

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