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Novella Review-‘The Little Gift’ by Stephen Volk

Novella Review-‘The Little Gift’ by Stephen Volk

Published by Spectral Press , and available as a Hardback via PS Publishing, and also in eBook format (links to buy below)’The Little Gift’ by Stephen Volk packs a mighty punch. I would contend that the short story and novella art form are still relevant in the day of bloated blockbusters, and that independent press such as theRead more about Novella Review-‘The Little Gift’ by Stephen Volk[…]

Book Review-‘Elevation’ by Stephen King

Book Review-‘Elevation’ by Stephen King

As a lifelong Stephen King fan, any of his new releases are met with delight by myself but ‘Elevation‘ is something different-it’s almost a tale of magical realism set in his small town,’Castle Rock’ where things aren’t always as they seem. Castle Rock has been the location of several of King’s works, and is often mentionedRead more about Book Review-‘Elevation’ by Stephen King[…]

Orbit BlogTour -‘Someone Like Me’ by M.R Carey

Orbit BlogTour -‘Someone Like Me’ by M.R Carey

It’s a day late,but I get to finally upload my part of the Orbit Books, ‘Someone Like Me’ blog tour post, huzzah!

I received this copy courtesy of Orbit for an honest blogger review and what can I say, except that I loved it.

This is new-ish ground for M R Carey following his successful Felix Castor series,’The Girl With All The Gifts’, it’s same universe sequel ‘The Boy On The Bridge’ and spooky ghost story ‘Fellside’ -the Audible audiobook read by Finty Williams is a real treat if you haven’t read it, Audible has a 30 day free trial if you wanted to try it out!

‘Someone Like Me’ is the story of Liz Kendall, a Pittsburgh based single mother of 2 children, Zac and Molly, embroiled in a bitter custody situation with her ex partner, Marc.

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Orion BlogTour-‘The Craftsman’ by Sharon Bolton

Orion BlogTour-‘The Craftsman’ by Sharon Bolton

So, as you can see by the banner, I am part of the Orion blogtour to promote the paperback release of ‘The Craftsman’ by Sharon Bolton!

Absolutely thrilled to be involved, this was one of my bookish highlights of the year and is the first in a trilogy from Sharon Bolton.Also, it has been optioned for a television adaptation from the same team who developed ‘Killing Eve’.

I am sure that if you have read this book you will appreciate how cool this is ! I have read all of her books to date and would say that ‘The Craftsman’ is Sharon Bolton’s best work. It brilliantly captures the atmosphere of a small village, a woman police officer at a time when that was unthinkable, and how superstitions spread. There is a creeping, insidious nature of fear that makes your spine tingle when reading it. This demands your full attention until ‘The Craftsman’ has finished with you.

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My bookish week in review

My bookish week in review

This week has been the first I was back in placement since July, so that means 4a.m starts or night shifts (7-7.30)

As a result my reading has suffered , and my crafting as you battle the constant exhaustion of the change in hours, long days travelling and lots of new things to learn- not complaining, it is super interesting just that it takes a while to pick up the pace!

These are the books I managed to finish this week, I am taking part in approx.  1000 Instagram challenges but will blog about them next week.

Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick

This was a nice surprise in that I got this as Kindle Unlimited title and as an Audible customer could listen to the audiobook for free!

The reader is perfect, she manages to capture the voices of the teenage narrators as well as the creeping tension of the story.

This is part of the HeyLittleThrifter Halloween PointHorror/Goosebumps readalong, and this 1989 title is actually pretty compelling and scarier than I remember!

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Castle Rock ReRead-athon

Castle Rock ReRead-athon

Every now and again I will go back to a certain series of books and take a look at them with fresh eyes.

Having so many around the house, in every room and on shelves(as well as things that shouldn’t be shelves but end up being, hello stairs!)I tend to not so much focus my reading but wildly flail and end up with 5 books on the go, doing justice to none.

Being a HUGE Stephen King fan, I have pretty much all his books (I had them all but some have gone wandering since my eldest went to uni…coincidence? I think not!).

And there is this cool new show out in America based on the town of Castle Rock which uses the over arcing mythology of Castle Rock, as it pops up or centrally features in a lot of King’s work.

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Graphic Novel reviews-‘Redlands’ Vol 1 by Jordie Bellaire  and ‘Wytches’ Vol 1 by Scott Snyder

Graphic Novel reviews-‘Redlands’ Vol 1 by Jordie Bellaire and ‘Wytches’ Vol 1 by Scott Snyder

So I thought to myself, it is nearly midnight, I don’t really want to jump into a new book, I’ll grab a couple of graphic novels which I can start and finish before going to sleep…..

Big mistake. HUGE mistake.

The above books were both in my to-read pile, I had read Scott Snyder’s ‘American Vampire’ and Jordie Bellaire was new to me, but then again,I never considered myself a wuss until last night…

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