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‘The Woods Murders’ by Roy Lewis Blog Tour


Charles Lendon, a solicitor, has been murdered. The day before his death, his office junior, Cathy, had overheard a quarrel with an unseen person, as well as witnessing him argue with the father of a murdered local child. His daughter ,Jenny,had been killed in public woods where the children of the local housing estate would play. They used this as a short cut to school as Lendon had been successful in stopping them using Woodrow Lane. As a result of using this shortcut, Jenny had been attacked and killed. The murder had never been solved .
As Cathy leaves Lendon’s offices, her boyfriend, Mike, is waiting and watching Lendon-he places the blame on Cathy rejecting his marriage proposal squarely at Lendon’s feet. He feels it has given Cathy ambitions to become a lawyer and he just wants her as a wife and mother-this is set in the 1960’s where this attitude was not unusual although it is uncomfortable to read. Furthermore, the rumours about Lendon’s reputation as a ladies man are giving Mike cause for concern.
When Lendon is found murdered, skewered to death, the local police force are enraged to find that their services are to be subverted by Inspector John Crow ‘from the Yard’. This creates tension and also an air of expectation that he will not only uncover the murderer of Lendon, but also that of Jenny. So far so ‘Life ‘On Mars’!

‘Your emotions, ‘Crow said coldly, ‘are as irrelevant to me as is your sense of humour. I have a job to do, and like you I’m doing it to the best of my ability. But I repeat, I wasn’t interfering in your case!’


John is very much a fish out of water but in quick time he has uncovered one of Lendon’s mistressess, who is being  kept in a cottage in the woods with the promise of ‘expectations’.
The list of suspects mounts as one of the police constables is attacked and knocked out at the police station and vital evidence goes missing, one of Lendon’s enquiry agents is discovered to have been killed in an alleged ‘hit and run’ and there are blank pages in Lendon’s diary where he could have been anywhere, and with anyone.Things get more intriguing when Lendon’s will is found and he has left most of his estate to Cathy…
The clues and twists mount up as this police procedural races towards it’s conclusion with you running alongside John Crow as he interviews witnesses, charges around the town looking for answers and organises the local police force against their will. He has arrived, like a hurricane and will not stop until he gets his man-or woman.
A quick, satisfying read at 174 pages, this will be perfect for anyone looking for a ‘book between books’, a palate cleanser or aperitif for something more substantial. I enjoyed it despite finding the casual sexism of the era hard to stomach(there is a disclaimer about this at the start of the book).

This is the third in the John Crow series to be reprinted with more to come , available on Roy Lewis website in various formats.

Many thanks to Jill Burlinshaw of BooksnAll Promotions  for letting me take part in the blog tour for ‘The Woods Murders’.


November Plans for future reads-Orenda Books, Blogtours and readalongs galore!

Hello November! This month, I am planning on joining in a couple of readalongs, starting a readathon of my own and also tackling things started, not yet finished.

Are you with me? Let’s go!


luke.at.what.im.reading is hosting an Instagram read along of ‘‘The Stand’ by Stephen King I haven’t read this in quite some time so this will be interesting to see if it as good as I remember it being. As well as being a MASSIVE Stephen King fan, Luke’s Instagram gives me such goals, he has built this beautiful inclusive community and I am so happy to have found it!

jobis89 Instagram is also hosting a Stephen King November readalong, this time it is ‘Lisey’s Story’ which I don’t really remember so this is super exciting, I love reading along and discussing books on Instagram with like minded people! Jobis89 has the most beautiful feed, another HUGE Stephen King fan who has created this corner of the web where you happily chat about books ALL DAY. It’s pretty much perfect for #bookstagrammers !



October Bookish Wrap Up!

So long October, it was fun to read Halloween scares and autumnal themed stories, but now we move on into November, a curious month that is not quite autumn yet not properly winter…personally I think of it as the gateway month to the silly season, where you can tell yourself ‘I still have time to Christmas shop….no stress’ to ‘December’s ‘Argh! Why did I leave this late?!’

But for now, this is what I read in October. Many of these I have blogged about in separate posts so here is a quick wrap up before I launch into my crazy plans for November…

Books I read



‘Someone Like Me’ by M R Carey Blogtour


It’s a day late but I get to finally upload my part of the Orbit Books, ‘Someone Like Me’ blog tour post, huzzah!

I received this copy courtesy of Orbit for an honest blogger review and what can I say except that I loved it.

This is new-ish ground for M R Carey following his successful Felix Castor series,’The Girl With All The Gifts’, it’s same universe sequel ‘The Boy On The Bridge’ and spooky ghost story ‘Fellside’ (the audiobook read by Finty Williams is a real treat if you haven’t read it, Audible has a 30 day free trial if you wanted to try it out!)

‘Someone Like Me’ is the story of Liz Kendall, a Pittsburgh based single mother of 2 children, Zac and Molly, embroiled in a bitter custody situation with her ex partner, Marc.



‘The Craftsman’ by Sharon Bolton Paperback Blogtour

So basically, as you can see by the banner, I am part of the blogtour to promote the paperback release of ‘The Craftsman’ by Sharon Bolton!
Absolutely thrilled to be involved, this was one of my bookish highlights of the year and is the first in a trilogy from Sharon Bolton, also, it has been optioned for tv from the same team who developed ‘Killing Eve’.

I am sure that if you have read this book you will appreciate how cool this is ! I have read all of her books to date and would say that ‘The Craftsman’ is Sharon Bolton’s best work. It brilliantly captures the atmosphere of a small village, a woman police officer at a time when that was unthinkable, and how superstitions spread. There is a creeping, insidious nature of fear that makes your spine tingle when reading it. This demands your full attention until ‘The Craftsman’ has finished with you.



Bookish week in review(8/10-14/10)

This week has been the first I was back in placement since July, so that means 4a.m starts or night shifts (7-7.30)

As a result my reading has suffered , and my crafting as you battle the constant exhaustion of the change in hours, long days travelling and lots of new things to learn- not complaining, it is super interesting just that it takes a while to pick up the pace!

These are the books I managed to finish this week, I am taking part in approx.  1000 Instagram challenges but will blog about them next week.

Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick

This was a nice surprise in that I got this as Kindle Unlimited title and as an Audible customer could listen to the audiobook for free!

The reader is perfect, she manages to capture the voices of the teenage narrators as well as the creeping tension of the story.

This is part of the HeyLittleThrifter Halloween PointHorror/Goosebumps readalong, and this 1989 title is actually pretty compelling and scarier than I remember!




It’s my favourite time of the year, autumn, and more specifically HALLOWEEN!!!

Love love love the change of seasons in autumn, kicking leaves, early nights, so much more time to snuggle up and read, read, read!

The lengthening nights make it perfect for fireside scares, and with that in mind, I present to you, my version of Blogoween, having been tagged by the awesome, Two Book Thieves 

They, in turn were linked to Blogoween by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward and the original Blogoween post can be found here –

Blogoween (Bookblogger Style)



Hunting, shooting and MURDER?!

The two books I am reviewing run along similar themes-entitlement, luxury getaways and MURDER!

‘The Hunting Party’ by Lucy Foley and ‘STAGS’ by M.A Bennett were both read alongside each other and as they complement each other, I thought it might be nice to focus on them both.

The Hunting Party is published in January 2019 and is the first crime thriller from author Lucy Foley. She sets the scene brilliantly as she details the separate groups of friends travelling to Scotland on an ‘no expense spared’ reunion.

Life has been good to this group of 9 (4 couples and a singleton) who-with the exception of Emma who has been in the ‘gang’ for 3 years as she is dating Mark-, have known each other since their uni days. Apart from Mark and Emma there are Miranda and Julien , Giles and Samira (plus baby Priya), Nick and Bo, and Katie, the lone singleton. Tensions are set right from the off when a seat booking error means one of them has to travel in a separate carriage so Katie takes it as a default for being single-but that does mean she is happy about it? Thisfurther reinforces her station as ‘the one to be pitied for not being partnered’.




September Book Round Up


I am pretty sure that I read more than 8 books this month, but Goodreads tells me that that is  what I logged this month so I guess I will just go with it!

Apart from the books I have already reviewed on here, these 3 I have clustered together for quite in depth reviews as I draw my September reading to a close and prepare for October .



‘The Ancient Nine’ Review and exclusive content!

It is my turn of the Blog Tour for ‘The Ancient Nine’ by Ian K. Smith!

I am super excited to share another extract with you, one that takes you deep inside the Ivy League world of the Ancient Nine (Link at bottom of the post)

In ‘The Ancient Nine’, a Harvard sophomore, Spenser Collins is invited to join the most exclusive of exclusive clubs-The Delphic.