Readathon/Readalong Updates-Stephen King,Will Carver and George R R Martin


End of the month Catch Up!

Have you started/finished any readalongs/readathons with a group or a friend? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

My good friend, and fellow blogger Danielle aka The Reading Closet, has challenged me to read, and blog along with her about the book you see to your left. Or right if you are reading this upside down.

‘Good Samaritans’ by Will Carver is published by Orenda Books and we have agreed to read 50 pages at a time…let me tell you that I have terrible issues with patience and this is a book you will find hard to close after 50 pages..follow us on Twitter to see how we get on!


Ah, my all time favourite writer…Stephen King.

Need to take a moment…and breathe.

The importance of writer to your life and how their works make you feel cannot. in my humble opinion, be underestimated. His books have taken me to so many wonderful places…and right now I am embedded in Castle Rock.

My personal ‘Kingrimmage'(yes I am still trying to make that happen has reached the last part of ‘Different Seasons’. My personal favourite, this as short, sharp and icy as a winter day but many readers prefer other ‘Seasons’. Full review will be incoming as soon as I finish it but for now, let me know what part is your favourite and why!

Book 2 of ‘A World of Ice and Fire’ by George RR Martin , ‘A Clash of Kings’ continues apace. I have listened to the audio book of ‘‘A Game of Thrones’ but wasn’t particularly fond of the narration.

Roy Dotrice, sadly missed, has narrated all the audiobooks so far and is my husband (Mr Book Widower or BW) adores his narration but I think when you have watched the television programme, hearing Tyrion speak with a Welsh accent is a bit jarring. Or hearing Brienne of Tarth pronounce ‘Bry-eeen’ instead of ‘Bree-N’. Horses for courses! There is a free 30 day trial if anyone is thinking of trying out audiobooks followed by a monthly fee of £7.99 which, again just my opinion, is pretty baraginous!

The other 2 readalongs I am taking part in have kind of stalled..I missed the halfway discussion for  ‘Lisey’s Story  and ‘The Stand’ on Instagram but am still going to continue reading them because, why not? They are wonderful books and have I mentioned how much I love the works of Stephen King…

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