My Top 10 Books of 2018-Part 1

This is almost, but not quite, like choosing which child is your favourite!
Such a good year for me, book wise, lots of brilliant books and thankfully very few duds, but I am getting much more selective before pressing the ‘request’ button or ‘checkout’!

These are (so far)my first 5 of my 2018 Top Reads-


‘Vox’ by Christine Dalcher

This future thriller/social commentary novel is so believable it gave me chills. It imagines an America where girls and women are unable to say use more than 100 words a day.

No reading.

No writing.

No breaking the rules.

Punishment is instant and violent-100 words a day, what do you choose?



‘The Chalkman’ by C.J Tudor

This comes recommended by my favourite, Stephen King-say no more, I AM THERE!

The debut thriller from C.J Tudor was chilling ,scary as hell and one of those ‘stay up all night till you finish reading’ books.

I will say that you will look at chalk markings on pavements in a very different way after reading it..



‘We Sold Our Souls’ by Grady Hendrix

HUGE Grady Hendrix fan, his books are absolute must buys and this is ,so far, my favourite of his.

You have a heavy metal band, a reunion tour, dark arts, Satanism, devils and a wonderfully black humour that makes this horror novel zip along .

Horror is my favourite genre and Grady is absolutely rocking it, his (almost)weekly newsletter is a must read! This is Grady Hendrix gives a brief flavour of his writing.



‘Dead Girls’ by Alice Bolin

My non fiction pic of the year is part memoir,part road trip and all good!

This collection of essays is a searing examination of the dead girl trope and the obsession the reader/viewer has with them.

Alice Bolin explores this with reference to programmes such as ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘True Detective’ as well as musical icons like ‘Britney Spears. Through the pop culture she examines the way the myth is created and deconstructs the results.More of her writing can be found at




‘Exhibit Alexandra’ by Natasha Bell

The darkest and most involving thriller I have read this year.

A deep and unpleasant meditation on the nature of what it means to be a girlfriend, wife and mother and how being an artist fits-or doesn’t-within society’s expectations for you.

Told from Alexandra Southall’s perspective and then alternately, her husband, this is the story of the investigation into how the artist disappeared and why her blood stained clothing was found by the edge of the river. It has the best, most twisting ending I have read so far this year and is deeply dark and disturbing.

Well I hope that if you haven’t read any of these books before, then you might consider picking one of them up!

Meet me same time, same place ,next week for my next 5 in my 2018 book release Top 10!

I am off to tear my hair out trying to decide the remaining ones!


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4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Books of 2018-Part 1

    1. It was the first book that popped into my head, no contest! Absolutely loved it/was terrified by it! I could completely envisage the events in Vox happening (sadly)

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