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Today I am thrilled to be part of a blogtour for the newly released ‘Tell The Truth‘ by Amanda Brittany courtesy of Harper Collins, HQ Stories and Netgalley UK.

As well as being in the company of excellent fellow book bloggers, I have the privilege of shouting loudly about books that I love, HURRAY!

This is Amanda’s second novel , her first being ‘Her Last Lie’, however, both feel like they are books from a much more seasoned writer, so deftly does she weave her plot lines.

‘Tell The Truth’ is the story of Rachel, psychotherapist, mother of Grace and ex partner of Lawrence. She starts the novel reeling from revelations that Lawrence has not only been cheating on her, but has done so for some time and subsequently left her for another woman, as well as caring for a mother with dementia.

Straddling trying to cope with her personal life and boosting her career opportunities, she takes an phone in/interview slot on breakfast television at the insistence of a client who has become a friend. One of the phone callers exhorts her to ‘Tell the truth’ and reads out a nursery rhyme live on air.

Shaken and confused, Rachel, an expert in the field of forgotten childhood memories, suddenly finds herself the subject of a harassment campaign across social media, her mobile phone, and things suddenly disappearing or appearing around her house. Friend requests and messages from non existent people on Facebook, anonymous text messages and phone calls lead her to return to County Sligo where she spent there early part of her childhood. The people in her life on whom she could depend -her neighbour, ex-partner, friends-are all now under suspicion and there is no one she can trust.

As memories begin to surface and past and present collide, Rachel finds herself and Grace at the centre of a potentially life threatening mystery where telling the truth is only possible if you actually know what happened in the first place. And as Rachel knows only too well, memories are not the most reliable of things….

This was a really engaging read, the cast of characters was wide enough to cast suspicion on almost everyone and even the main character doubted her own memories. It is a meditation on nature versus nurture and the damage done in childhood which can last a lifetime-and beyond. The plot twists come thick and fast and it kept me turning the pages till the very end.

My grateful thanks to Netgalley UK ,Harper Collins UK and Isabel Smith for having me on board-check out the hashtags #TellTheTruth and @amandajbrittany to follow the other bloggers and hear Amanda’s news first!

Available in ebook format now and paperback from February 2019
Available in ebook/audiobook format with proceeds to Cancer Research UK after the tragic loss of her sister in 2017


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    1. This is it, I use flashcards to write notes as I read and I had the characters then next to them who I thought they were, their motivations etc and was all wrong! Really enjoyed it and am very excited about your part of the tour too!

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