2019 Reading challenges and Readalongs


Hello 2019! So far it is going well…. how about you? I made the mistake of falling asleep watching ‘Ghost Stories’ by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson  which resulted in the most horrific nightmares, little sleep and  I am now running on caffeine…honestly it is THE BEST horror movie I have seen in years-watch it!

So what now? What lies ahead in this wonderful year of reading?

Well…about 20 readathon/readalongs which I am hoping will focus my reading on so far unread books on my shelves and reading with a view to more inclusivity. And a lot more science fiction and fantasy. How about yourself? Any plans or goals?

Here are all the things I am getting involved in this year bearing in mind my New Year Res of not buying anymore books until June. That’s going well so far, I haven’t bought any but it’s only half way through Day 1…



This Instagram readalong is being hosted by Stephen King fan extraordinaire, @luke.at.what.im.reading  . All the details for reading this mammoth book are posted on his page, he has broken the book into chunks to be read at leisure across January in the aim of bringing new and old Constant Readers together-a pressure free readalong!





Another Instagram readalong, this time over the course of the year, is jobis89 who is aiming to tackle ‘‘The Dark Tower’ series by Stephen King.

It’s a manageable schedule with plenty of pitstops along the way, but is Instagram is not your thing, check out the Stephen King:Constant Reader Fan Club on Facebook which has a dedicated group page for #2019DarkTower Reading Challenge.




The Blogger’s Bookshelf has a free printable and platforms across Instagram, Twitter and their blog. Each month I am picking one book to read along with their theme-apart from this month’s book for a ‘Road Trip’ novel, I haven’t actually read any of these books! So that is 11 novels which are ‘new to me’ and will tackle my massive backlog.

My choice for January is ‘Find Me‘ by Laura Van Den Berg – more on this later!



Watching the ‘ABC Murders‘ on the BBC over Christmas had me thinking about all the books by Agatha Christie that I have, and how often I return to the same titles over and over again(usually ‘And Then There Were None’). So this year, I am tackling ‘A Christie a week’! Today I finished my first one, ‘Miss Marple’s Final Cases’

The good thing about Christie novels is that they are easily ordered from a library or bought cheaply second hand, so if you want to readalong with me, my Goodreads profile is here and my Instagram profile is here.


I read the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice many many years ago and somehow , at some point, I stopped. And also I no longer seem to have any of the books!

So I hotfooted it to the library yesterday and reserved about 20 books to maintain my New Year Res and will be reading these over the course of the year. It may well not be a complete readalong if it becomes apparent why I stopped in the first place but please feel free to join me on Instagram or Goodreads or comment on associated posts to join in with your thoughts.




In a similar vein -ha! no pun intended but that just tickled me-I was a huge Anita Blake-Vampire Hunter 

What happened? Well I don’t know how I moved away from my horror and sci-fi roots but this year I will be tackling this series as well. Join me!




The Virago modern classics 2019 book club begins with Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault and is a classic tale of Alexander the Great.

This is part of my aim to read more widely and inclusively as well as trying to match male/female authors-last year was overwhelmingly male I feel.

The link to the book club choices for the first part of the year is below-



So there we are! Phew! Let me know what you are up to, join in on any social media platfolsm and let’s make 2019 a great year for books and reading!


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