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Month: October 2018

Bookish week in review(8/10-14/10)

This week has been the first I was back in placement since July, so that means 4a.m starts or night shifts (7-7.30)

As a result my reading has suffered , and my crafting as you battle the constant exhaustion of the change in hours, long days travelling and lots of new things to learn- not complaining, it is super interesting just that it takes a while to pick up the pace!

These are the books I managed to finish this week, I am taking part in approx.  1000 Instagram challenges but will blog about them next week.

Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick

This was a nice surprise in that I got this as Kindle Unlimited title and as an Audible customer could listen to the audiobook for free!

The reader is perfect, she manages to capture the voices of the teenage narrators as well as the creeping tension of the story.

This is part of the HeyLittleThrifter Halloween PointHorror/Goosebumps readalong, and this 1989 title is actually pretty compelling and scarier than I remember!



It’s my favourite time of the year, autumn, and more specifically HALLOWEEN!!!

Love love love the change of seasons in autumn, kicking leaves, early nights, so much more time to snuggle up and read, read, read!

The lengthening nights make it perfect for fireside scares, and with that in mind, I present to you, my version of Blogoween, having been tagged by the awesome, Two Book Thieves 

They, in turn were linked to Blogoween by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward and the original Blogoween post can be found here –

Blogoween (Bookblogger Style)



Hunting, shooting and MURDER?!

The two books I am reviewing run along similar themes-entitlement, luxury getaways and MURDER!

‘The Hunting Party’ by Lucy Foley and ‘STAGS’ by M.A Bennett were both read alongside each other and as they complement each other, I thought it might be nice to focus on them both.

The Hunting Party is published in January 2019 and is the first crime thriller from author Lucy Foley. She sets the scene brilliantly as she details the separate groups of friends travelling to Scotland on an ‘no expense spared’ reunion.

Life has been good to this group of 9 (4 couples and a singleton) who, with the exception of Emma who has been in the ‘gang’ for 3 years dating Mark, have known each other since their uni days. Apart from Mark and Emma there are Miranda and Julien , Giles and Samira (plus baby Priya), Nick and Bo, and Katie, the lone singleton. Tensions are set right from the off when a seat booking error means one of them has to travel in a separate carriage so Katie takes it as a default for being single-but that does mean she is happy about it, it further reinforces her station as ‘the one to be pitied for not being partnered’. (more…)


September Book Round Up


I am pretty sure that I read more than 8 books this month, but Goodreads tells me that is my monthly roundup so I guess I will just go with it!

Apart from the books I have already reviewed, these 3 I have clustered together as I am planning my books for October so I can draw a line under September.