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Month: September 2018

‘The Ancient Nine’ Review and exclusive content!

It is my turn of the Blog Tour for ‘The Ancient Nine’ by Ian K. Smith!

I am super excited to share another extract with you, one that takes you deep inside the Ivy League world of the Ancient Nine (Link at bottom of the post)

In ‘The Ancient Nine’, a Harvard sophomore, Spenser Collins is invited to join the most exclusive of exclusive clubs-The Delphic.


‘The Ancient Nine’-Exclusive Content and Map!

I LOVE a good map! From the floor layouts in murder mysteries that you pore over , looking for how A could have gotten to B’s room and killed them with a candlestick, to the maps of Tolkien’s Middle Earth where the topography is almost 3D as you trace the hobbits’ journey to Isengard.,

Here is an accompanying map for ‘The Ancient Nine’ by Ian K.Smith, character bios and some information about the man himself with links to all his media platforms.



‘The Ancient Nine’ by Ian K Smith Blog Tour September 2018

This coming week, on the 25th of September, it is my absolute privilege to bring you exclusive extracts and author Q and A’s with Ian K Smith .

His novel, ‘The Ancient Nine’, is on sale in Hardcover as well as pre-order for the mass market paperback due out March 2019.



Late Bookish week in review(closer to a fortnight but let’s not quibble!)

So this week I have decided to employ a tactic to help me read smarter rather than harder as I seem to have hit a wall of books-not unpleasant, definitely my preferred way to sustain an injury! On the suggestion of an equally book bound friend, she recommended filling a mason jar(see below also quick plug for my Insta feed!) with slips of paper containing all the books I have yet to read.
And to the left is said jar, not allowed to pass on or replace a title when it has been selected. I was genuinely excited to submit to this random no questions asked selection technique and as a result have read 2 books this week.

The first is ‘Everything is Lies‘ by Helen Callaghan(author of the bestselling ‘Dear Amy’) and ‘The Night She Died‘ by Jenny Blackhurst (bestselling author of ‘How I lost You’).

‘Everything is Lies’ is about a 26 year old architect, Sophie, who juggles a high pressure job with her relationship with her parents-off grid hippies who never married and live a bohemian lifestyle.



Netgalley latest-‘You Let Me In’ by Lucy Clarke

I may be wrong but I think this is the first book by Lucy Clarke that I have read and with apologies for using the standard phrase, it was unputdownable (no other word will do).

Available now in e-book format


The cover is menacing, there is a modern looking staircase with a shadow of an ambiguous looking person on the landing between theĀ  2 flights of steps, blood red title words and recommendations by none other than C.L Taylor and Clare Macintosh-high praise indeed-so even before starting it, you are aware that this is going to be a thrill ride of a book.