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Month: August 2018

My Book week in review

Plucked from my Netgalley piles, I accidentally picked two books with similar topics. They each dealt with the topic in different ways that complement each other beautifully so I thought it might be nice, as well as posting about things I am interested in in the world of books, to write a weekly review as well.

Not sure how that will turn out, currently I am juggling the third and final year of nursing school with running a zoo (3 children, 2 cats, a dog and a husband…the jury’s out on who is the most work !)and keeping my handmade crafts business afloat, but it’s worth a try!

So for this week’s review I have Alice Clark-Platt’s ‘The Flower Girls’ (due out 24th January 2019) and Lesley Kara’s ‘The Rumour’ (due out on December 27th 2018).


Castle Rock ReRead-athon


Every now and again I will go back to a certain series of books and take a look at them with fresh eyes.

Having so many around the house, in every room and on shelves(as well as things that shouldn’t be shelves but end up being, hello stairs!)I tend to not so much focus my reading but wildly flail and end up with 5 books on the go, doing justice to none.

Being a HUGE Stephen King fan, I have pretty much all his books (I had them all but some have gone wandering since my eldest went to uni…coincidence? I think not!).

And there is this cool new show out in America based on the town of Castle Rock which uses the over arcing mythology of Castle Rock, as it pops up or centrally features in a lot of King’s work.



Graphic Novel reviews-‘Redlands’ and ‘Wytches’

So I thought to myself, it is nearly midnight, I don’t really want to jump into a new book, I’ll grab a couple of graphic novels which I can start and finish before going to sleep…..

Big mistake. HUGE mistake. The above books were both in my to-read pile, I had read Scott Snyder’s ‘American Vampire’ and Jordie Bellaire was new to be but then I never considered myself a wuss until last night…



Grist Mill Road Blog Tour

Hi! I am super thrilled to be asked to contribute to the ‘Grist Mill Road’ Blog tour….perfect day for anyone thinking of something for the weekend to consider this book, TGIF!

In ‘Grist Mill Road’, Christopher J Yates takes 3 childhood friends, puts them -and you as the reader-through a trauma that resonates throughout the rest of their lives.



‘Vox’ by Christina Dalcher



I have read some really wonderful books this year but ‘Vox’ has topped them all.
It’s not too hard to envisage a world where America has a president who is seen a joke by the rest of the world,yet manages to systematically take away the rights of the female population.
It starts slowly with the focus on the main character,Jean, a well regarded scientist who was advancing disoveries into cures for a particular strain of dementia. Since the ‘Pure’ movement,however,women have been stripped of their jobs,their roles and their words.



Blog Tour News!!!

So this is my first blog tour!!! I am incredibly excited to have been asked by Headline to promote this amazing novel that is out on the 9th August.

‘Grist Mill Road’ will have a full review , posted here, on the 10th August, until then I will just say this….if you are going to read one book this month, make it this one. You won’t regret it.

It will stay with you long after the final page and I can guarantee you will want to start reading it all over again.

Catch you guys on Friday, hope you’ll join me and if you have any questions about this book or any others, any recommendations or just fancy chatting books, please comment and I’ll get back to you!