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Month: April 2018

Netgalley Latest Review-Riley Sager

Early last year the first book by Riley Sager, ‘Final Girls’ was heralded by no less than my all time favourite writer, Stephen King. This made it an automatic must read and I was not disappointed. The follow up, ‘Last Time I lied’, again takes liberties with the rope of the unreliable narrator and places it in a well known horror destination , the haunted summer camp by the lake…but this is no derivative tale but rather a sneaky, twisty, turny thriller that keeps the pulse pounding till the very last page.

Available from all good bookshops in hardback from the 12/07/2018, this is definitely one to watch or pack for your summer holiday reading!



Lovereading4kids Review

I gratefully received a copy of this book courtesy of Lovereading4kids in return for an honest review.

Here is the link for the review in full


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My next Lovereading4kids is the already making me cry ‘Tender’ by Eve Ainsworth…watch this space for reviews!

If you have read it please comment down below 🙂


New Book Post!

Book post is almost always the best post (my husband might disagree but currently we are at an impasse…)

Latest arrival chez moi is the new book by Madeline Miller, author of ‘Song of Achilles’, this time she tackles the story of the goddess ‘Circe’, most often known through her role in ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer.

I was lucky enough to study a diploma in Classics at the Open University when my children were younger and one of the modules focussed on the ancient art of storytelling. A life long passion with the classics fully came alive through reading the Odyssey and The Illiad therefore anything concerning Greece or Rome has my antenna twitching.

It’s amazing how she manages to write prose so lyrically it is as though you are reading an epic poem, very easy to get lost in her words and world so definitely a book to pick up whilst there are hours to spare in the day (not just before bed….will never learn not to start a new book at bedtime! Zero self control!)

Here’s my link to my Instagram page and a link to buy the book;



Space Based bedtime stories!

How cool is this?

Children having bedtime stories from space!!!

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